Wednesday, July 01, 2009

The Playgroup

missing some (about half!) of our dear friends who were sick today!

I have always counted one of my biggest blessings to be my friends. I swear I end up meeting and making friends with the best people in the world. If you're one of the best and I haven't met you yet--I will. Somehow I will.
Some of these dear ones, I've known and loved since Elementary school. Once, while I was 7 months pregnant with Parley, my friend Emily invited me to her house for lunch for her birthday. When I got to the door, she gasped because she had no idea I was pregnant. That was a sad day for us both, as we realized how ridiculous it was that we hadn't kept in better touch. So, with Lori's great help, we organized the playgroup. And we have been getting together every Friday since then. And not a pregnancy since (and there have been many) has gone unknown. We have such a wonderful time together! I love these girls because they are so down-to-earth and real. Very accepting and kind. And good heavens they're talented. But they keep inviting me back! That's the good of these friends.
So, today, we switched playgroup days, since Friday is sort of a holiday, (I told you, we're consistent!) and we, at the last moment, chose to come here. My house was a mess, but these friends don't care. Emily brought a huge bouncy water slide and we ate sandwiches and chips and salsa on my back porch (which is also a total mess). Kids always fight for the capri-sun drinks that someone inevitably brings, so we always give tastes. Someone likely brings popsicles, as that buys us more free time together, and we probably changed 7 or more messy diapers between us. But our kids know--and really love each other. And that makes me so happy.

We're always looking for recruits, so, if you know me, and you like me (pretty important), and you don't care about messy houses or patios, you're nice and accepting, like chips and salsa, and don't mind sharing capri-suns, you're invited. See you next Friday!


Rebecca said...

JAYNE!!! I would totally LOVE to join your playgroup! That would be awesome. I have 2 girls, ages 5 and 2...let me know the details.

Kim~Ohio said...

I finally made a Google acct. :) Woo Hoo! No more anonymous!

Ok, I get excited over the littlest things.

Life is good! :)

emily k. smith said...

That was such a fun day, as we were driving away I glanced at the clock and was mortified to find that we had trespassed at your house for 4 1/2 hours! You should have sent us packing a lot sooner! Thanks though, it was a blast! And just so you know, your house was NOT messy, I know that because upon returning to my house my heart sank a little at how messy ours was and just wanted to go back to your clean house. We sure love you guys!

Lori said...

WOOHOO! A PLAYGROUP POST! How awesome! I love our playgroup so much. You are sweet Jayne.

sheena said...

and no shirts's perfect!

{Erica} said...

Sounds like a perfect Friday. We do a similar play group and just decide together at the friends house who is already a mess so the kids don't destroy a well kept home...hmm...the play group happen a lot at my house, wonder what that says about me?!

p.s. a very great group of gals you have there!

megan said...

Wait! I am feeling better now!

And hooray for posting a link on Lori's name...who knew?

See you next week!

ali said...

let's schedule something. We could meet in Primm, NV and take the kids on that giant roller coaster, then go for giant slurpees at the 7-11.

Hannah :) said...

Awww... how sweet! Sitting here I pretty much wish I had some little dears to call my own and lived near you (wherever the is!) to be apart of your group! :)

jayniemoon said...

What is your email? We usually don't figure things out 'till an hour before--so we use email as communication!