Tuesday, August 18, 2009


It usually starts like this:

You're a Clark right?

Sometimes it is asked of my sister, and sometimes me. Obviously we both answer, yes, as we are, indeed, Clarks.

If it is Katie they are asking, the next question is:

So is Jayne your sister then?

And Katie answers yes, as I am, indeed, her sister.


Well, I just LOVE Jayne's Blog.

To which Katie agrees (at least she says so to my face) and thanks them. Then they say:

So, if Jayne is your sister, Stephanie is your sister too right?

Confused (for a moment only, this has happened a number of times), she says, no, Stephanie is her cousin.

And then it is clear: they think this Jane is her sister (with the super awesome blog):

and not this Jayne:

You'd think that fancy Y added to my name might help distinguish us. Or maybe since her Jane is actually her middle name that might help set us apart.

But I'm not complaining, you keep the compliments rolling, and I'll keep pretending you're talking about me. I'll even sign your stuff if you want. With love from Chup, the Chief and me. I'll try to remember to keep out the Y.


Teachinfourth said...

Oh Cjane, you had me rolling with this case of mistaken identity. To think that people would accidentally mix you up for your cousin with the three kids!


By the way, what are you doing posting on this site?

Lindsey said...

So does that make The Jolly Porter your Dad? I'm so confused!!!

MommyMert said...

I love ya both.

Hannah :) said...

Well I dont have any idea who that Jane is and I'm sure she's wonderful, but I pretty much adore THIS Jayne.

The one with the fancy 'y'.


Janssen said...

Good times, good times. . . .

Today I'm hating not being your neighbor.

Kim said...

Well, I love your blog and the other blog too :) Love the mistaken identity, so funny.

jed said...

tell you what's really awkward is when cjane mistakes me for chup. it's happened so many times, i'm starting to doubt the sincerity of the 'mistake.'

megan said...

I am laughing so much at Jed's comment that now I forgot what I was going to say. Ja[y]ne, your blog is the best.

Megs said...

Cjane never wrote "J is for fashion", though did she? Never.

My sister in law and I have the exact same name and when we were living in the same stake they accidentally called ME as the yw athletic specialist even though I don't even know anything about sports (besides the fact that you're always supposed to cheer for BYU). I only figured out that they meant to call my sister when all the other women were talking about how they used to play volleyball with her. Then I was like "Oh, THAT Megan Hinckley? Greeaaaaaaat."

So at least you and Courtney can both seriously write. I must say though, yours definitely makes me laugh harder.

And why can I not leave a comment that's shorter than 4 paragraphs? Sorry.

Johnsons of Haymarket said...

I love both of your blogs and was so starstruck when I saw your family at the Y this weekend that I didn't even know what to say. It's so weird when you have a look into someone else's life that they don't have into your own. I felt like some kind of stalker!

c jane said...




jed: not funny.

~j. said...

Well, Jayne, I just LOVE your blog.

Kim said...

HAHAHAHA! That's funny!

Would would have thunk that the c in cjane actually stands for something? Something like Courtney?

AzĂșcar said...

This is too funny.

I saw Megan last night and when we talked I said I was one of Courtney's friends.

And then I worried because I'm a REAL life friend, not just a blog friend.

And then I realized: it's all too complicated.

Hi, Jayne.

Laura said...

I love you blog! Not only am I treated to an entertaining read...but I get the added bonus of "jed said..."

Anonymous said...

And to really stir things up, I'll be the third Megan to post here.

This is a reply to the wrong post, but Jayne, I never pack away clothes in front of my ten year old girl any more. I do it when she's out playing or at school. I just couldn't take the drama any more. I feel your pain.

Megan Putman

jamie heaps said...

both pretty impressive.

Anonymous said...

What's really confusing is to see jayniemoon's dad and then cjane's dad! Or visa verse. A LOT of people can't tell them apart!Dave will have to be on his best behavior during Steve's campaign! (Like not going to "City Limits Tavern" and stuff like that!)We're pretty sure that one of Steve's opponents' wives thought Dave was Steve the other night. (I'll keep Dave in line).
I'm so happy to have Jayne and CJane in my life. They both cheer me up and make me laugh!
Mom/Aunt Lisa

Amy said...

I love your blog. You make me laugh on a regular basis. And sometimes that is what you really need, a good, hearty laugh.

So, thanks.

ali said...

i know exactly how you feel! people confuse me for Jessica Simpson all the time and I'm like, duh, we look nothing alike! I'm MUCH prettier.

I say autograph away!

Tom & Angie Judd said...

So...after seeing you at the school the other night I decided to stalk you down. Hope you don't mind! :) I love your blog (what I have seen of it so far) :) and I think you are an awesome person. You and Jane I can tell apart...but you and Katie on the other hand...I still think ya'll are twins! Hopefully I will get to run into again soon.

Diagnose Rachel said...

What? This isn't THAT Ja(y)ne blog that RS all talking about? No wonder I only hear coughs when I talk about your latest post, and how it changed my life.

You, Jayne, change my day, in a better way, every...hmm...every time you post (which is far too infrequently!)

Sorry you have to get confused with a bigger, loving shadow.

Wish YOU were my neighbor, cause our kids would have fun playing together. And we could talk about YOUR latest post.