Sunday, August 16, 2009

Paradise, a Short Walk Away?

Driving up to hike to the Y on the mountain with Stephanie and the masses, Parley asked me a question that indicated I had not prepared him enough for the hike.

"Mom are we going to swim there?"
"At the Y? Umm, no honey, we're hiking. We're walking up the mountain."

Then, later coming off the Y, I understood the previous question.

"Mom, how was Hawaii?"

Very confused, I said, "Hawaii?" And then, I figured it out. Oh my gosh 'Hawaii' sounds like 'the Y'. I tricked my poor son into climbing a mountain and he thought we were going to a tropical paradise.

"Oh Parley, so sorry son, this isn't Hawaii, this is the Y. One day you'll be so glad to know that this isn't Hawaii."

And then we enjoyed our walk home. No swimming suits necessary.


emily k. smith said...

Yeah Hawaii is WAY different than the Y. In Hawaii you get to sit on the couch with tropical flower patters and watch a lot of Saved By The Bell and MTV. Right Jayne? Did you tell Parley that was what Hawaii was like?

Lindsey said...

Oh, that is dang funny! Parley I love you!

Who took that picture of the Y, Jayne? It kinda freaks me out to see peeps on it like that.

Shana said...

Yeah, if you think the people on the Y are bad, look closely at that picture of Hawaii. I hate that picture of Hawaii. But I do love Parley and that story.

Kim said...

I cannot comprehend how BIG those mountains are. Jayne, you will be shocked to see how flat Ohio is. In the southern part of the state we have rolling hills which is the closest we get to mountains. :)

I wish that I could have been there to represent Ohio. My heart and prayers were there. :)

Lindsey said...

That is sick Shana. Now I hate Hawaii.

Kim said...
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emily said...

so excited i was there for this cute parley moment and that i got to meet you!

your new friend,

Anonymous said...

ahh jayner i love reading your blogs and doing those deep laughs--it is good for my soul. thanks poor pars, henry would've been so disappointed. mieks

Teachinfourth said...

Oh, you had me smiling with this one...if only getting to Hawaii was as close and as easy as the Y.

megan said...

Can't you make the Y into Hawaii? I've still never been there, and I have been to the Y lots of times. Glad he made the climb with Steph.

nhsphoto said...

i just died laughing. poor kid. that is hilarious.

jed said...

jayne, you just killed natalie.

jayniemoon said...

Yes, my new friend Emily was indeed there, and can attest to the truthfulness of this story,with her sister Hannah (right?) and I was so glad to meet you both!

Old friend Emily, that is exactly the Hawaii Parley would love--only change Saved By the Bell and MTV to Superwhy and Cars.
(remember how many times we saw that Lisa Loeb video and Counting Crows?)