Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A Dream Coming True...Tomorrow!

I'm headed to the Country Living Fair in Ohio! I'm bringing my mom and sister and aunt and cousins. I'll report when I get back.
Is it funny that I already miss Jed and children (always so peaceful when asleep)? Well, I do. There is something about being a mother--you often desperately long for a break, since they are so few, but when they come, all the good times of mothering come flooding in--and you wish you could take them along. But not really. But sort of. But mostly not really. But kind of.
Love you Jed, Hazel, Parley and Julian. Off to the fair!


Kim said...

Exciting for you! Good Luck Jed! Call me when you get here and we will plan on where to meet. :)

Megs said...

are you freaking kidding me? The country living fair? The one I've read about in the magazine for decades (or one decade if i need to be honest)? i think this would qualify me as jealous.

and i thought swiss days was good. silly me.

Lindsey said...


Sue said...

I never missed them before I left, but I did always miss them during...sorta kinda.


Anonymous said...

Wish I were going with you but maybe next time...darn school!