Monday, September 14, 2009

Snickerdoodle Cheeks

Since aunt Katie and Jed try to coax Parley into sharing his freckles, he's started to think about their worth. For Parley, worth is often measured by taste. Sugar=valuable.

P: Hazey, what do freckles taste like?

H: Hmm. I don't know Parley.
Dad: (interrupting) Yours taste like cinnamon and sugar Parley.

And I've been working so hard to get him to STOP eating things that come from in and around his nose.


emily k. smith said...

Well, at least he isn't using his nose to store things like Mila occasionally does. I think taking things out of his nose is much safer than putting things in. And now I may have to make some snickerdoodles. I love them.

megan said...

I love it.

Anonymous said...

If I catch parley sharing those freckles with anyone else I wlll be ticked! I've asked so many times and he will never share. that selfish kid. I love him.


ali said...

if that were true, I'd be all over that face of his! because there's only one thing better than sugar. and that's cinnamon & sugar. irresistible.

Shana said...

People with freckles rock. Also, Katie, I'm not sure you should say "ticked" or "selfish."

Lindsey said...

Those are pretty perfect freckles.

Lindsey said...

I think Katie just needs to "choose to be happy" with what she has....


Shana said...

That's right. Listen to Jones and say, with tears in your eyes, "I happy!" What a doll. (Jones, too.)

Anonymous said...

I think Hazel's cheeks would taste like Jed's homemade peach creamy ice cream.
Atticus' like apple crisp (they are rosy and yummy looking)
Parley EXTRA GOOD Snickerdoodles
Jones' homemade chocolate cookies (he's so brown and sweet)
Jules' a sweet watermelon jolly rancher
and Penny's one of those white and pink little wedding cookies from Provo Bakery!

Teachinfourth said...

Hopefully he still won't be doing that in the 5th grade...I still have some of those.

Great photo, Jed!