Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Home Sweet Home

I'm back and into the full swing of life again. It sure doesn't stop moving. I swear Julian learned to talk while I was gone--when I picked him up this morning he chattered away. Sure, there are many indistinguishable words in there, but treat, cracker, please, Woody, hat (hooray that Woody is being loved again!) and car find their way into all kinds of conversations.

Hazel cried that the treat I'd brought her from Ohio was a Twix (I guess I forgot she doesn't like caramel--or at least she doesn't think she does) and then she felt bad for crying about it. Late to school again. Believe me, I got a KitKat for her while she was there. All was well when she came home and she told of practicing the monkey bars and being too scared and dropping. "That's the problem of practicing the monkey bars with kids [instead of parents to catch you]!"

Parley, always my most affectionate, didn't let go of me during the whole Twix crisis. "We haven't played cars for a long time," he said. I agreed, and pulled out my terrible Mater voice (I didn't think it was that bad until Jed started working from home. Laughter from the office clued me in pretty quickly). He played with all four of his Lightnings (two were found while I was gone!) and I played everyone else.

I'm home.

And speaking of home, it is clean as a whistle (although do you really think whistles are that clean?) all thanks to the tidy gestapo who I love dearly. But I promised him I wouldn't talk of those stolen posts. You can see why I fell in love with him though--his letters started coming to me when I was 15.

I had a marvelous trip--can't wait to tell you about it. But I'm on Ohio time and all this regular day stuff has just worn me right out. G-0-0-d-n-i-g-h-t.


ali said...

well. now that the comments are activated again, I am going to have to draft up all my pent up comments from all of jed's posts. it's really not nice for an amazing writer to shut out his audience who are tingling at the fingertips to type praises to him who has a gift for words.

oh, and welcome back. i missed you, but what's new?

Lindsey said...

Oh, Buckeyes. It's been many a day since my days in Bowling Green and asking locals to make those for me. Dang are they good!!!

So glad you're back safely and so glad you had a good time cousin!!

Kim said...

Ahhh, the sweet comments. Jed better not take the comments away next month when you return to ohio. hahahaha!

Welcome back! Thanks for the meeting and the shout out for the Buckeyes! I promise the homemade ones are much better and I will share the receipe around Christmas when I made over 300.

Lindsey, did you go to BG? I went to Toledo! Small world. :)

Teachinfourth said...

I couldn't agree more with Ali; and it is so good to have you back again!

emily k. smith said...

I'm so glad you are back! I have missed you terribly. Please lets get together soon.

Sarah Burgoyne said...

I was so dissapointed that I coud comment on Jed's blogs. I really enjoyed them. What a creative husband you have :)

I look forward to hearing about your trip!