Thursday, March 11, 2010

An Unsympathetic Mother (Dedicated to Jen)

Mornings are always hectic as none of us in this family are classifiably morning people.  This morning was no different and I was rushing to get breakfast on the table and lunch in Hazel's backpack so as to get to school before the Star Spangled Banner stopped us in our tracks.  In the middle of the rush Parley started to complain (he does this a lot, frequently to avoid eating). 

Parley: Mom my arm hurts.

Me: I'm sorry to hear that.  Hazel, keep eating!

Parley: Mom, my mouth hurts.

Me: I'm sorry, buddy. Hazel-- get your shoes on!

Parley: Mom, I'm cold.

Me:  Sorry, Parley.  Hazel-- brush your teeth!

And it was off to school.  Then I bundled my boys and me up and we went out for our morning walk.  Not too long into it, Parley started to complain again: Mom, I'm cold.  I shed my coat and bundled him up tight and said, "You're okay buddy, we'll be home in a minute."

An hour after returning from our walk, Parley emerged from playing in the basement.  

P: Mom, I'm still cold from our walk.  

M:  No, honey, it is just cold in the basement.  Why don't you come up and have lunch before preschool.  

I helped him upstairs, and noticed his little body was warm.  When he got in better light I could see he was quite pale.  I called to Jed to feel him (I always need a second witness on sickness).  

Jed: Are you feeling yucky, pal?

P: When I swallow my mouth hurts.  

At this point, my conversations with Parley throughout the day flashed through my mind.

"My mouth hurts." "I'm cold." "I'm really cold."

"Sorry."  "Sorry, buddy."  "Sorry."  "You'll be fine, buddy."  

Now I was feeling bad.  Maybe he was actually sick--not just whining.  I felt even worse when the doctor told us he had strep.  

What, are you always really sympathetic when your child has strep?


adriennep said...

Ha ha, I have totally done this! It was especially mortifying when I dropped Reese off at preschool one time with a "buck-up-little-camper!"-style pep talk, only to have the teacher call to me come get him an hour and a half later because he threw up all over the place. Nice.

amy said...

oh my goodness- i love those conversations and i feel like i have them every morning before my 1st grader heads off to school.

Zach and Codi said...

Ha!! And people wonder why us mothers often develop... chronic guilt syndrome. Don't worry, we've all been there. If Xander sees me taking advil, or putting a cough drop in my mouth he automatically "feels sick" and "his throat hurts" as well. Well, one time after telling him he was fine three times, he then proceeded to puke all over himself. Ugh. Good times.

ali said...

sounds like old parley needs to hear the story of the Boy who Cried Wolf. just sayin''s not entirely your unobservant fault.

allison nadauld said...

I just got over strep myself--it is a real doozy.I kept asking my kids if their throat hurt, like mine, and of course they say, "Yes!" I was practically asking them to tell me they were sick. Sometimes you need a crystal ball to figure it all out. Good luck!

megan said...

Umm... Thanks for having us over to play today. Now my mouth hurts. :)

Kim said...

When I was a kid, I broke my arm. My mom waited a month (yes! 30 days) to take me to the doctor. I milked that one all the way through college. That's how I got a new car @ 16! ;)

Brimley Girl said...

Am I the only one who is totally opposite? The minute my kids said they didn't feel well I was so paranoid that they might throw up that I immediately bombarded them with questions. Does your stomach hurt? Do you need to go to the bathroom? Are you going to pass out? Do you have any spots on your body? I love this post Jayne.

Lindsey said...

Pobrecito Parley! I am so sorry that he has strep. Seriously funny post though, Jayner.

And if you're wondering if my mom is exagerating in any way....she's not. We'd always have to answer: "Mom! I think we know if we have to go to the bathroom or not!"

Teachinfourth said...

I didn't think that Superman could get sick...

Jen said...

hey you didnt even wait 24 hours! I still win the award for the most loserish mom. That pic is a keeper.

Anonymous said...

Its true about Sheryl. :) She still tells Andy to watch for cars when he's about to cross the street....and he's 18! :)

Nan said...

The first thing I say when my kids say their stomach hurts, " just don't barf on the carpet!" Hey my mom was mean as heck and I turned out great! no worries!

Micah said...

At least you bundled him up in your coat. Last time my son complained about being cold on a walk I told him to "suck it up Sally" the ER visit and 3 day hospital stay that took place 3 hours later I said touche.

Shana said...

I am always super sympathetic when my kids are sick. Always.