Monday, May 03, 2010

Come Back Home Jed

I just put the kids to bed listening to Sweeny Todd.  I still think it is funny to think about what they'll think when they find out that Sweeny Todd is the demon barber of Fleet Street who chops of his customers' heads.    

Parley came in three times telling me he couldn't sleep, so I ultimately laid (lay--why can't they make the past tense of this word easy to remember?) down by him, and he promptly pulled up his shirt to have his back tickled.  I gave in, and he was out soon.  Hazel is laying on the ground here in the office next to me--not asleep at 10:07.  We couldn't find Buzz with the wings (although we found three other Buzzes) so Jules was mad about going to sleep without him.  Pretty routine night.  Except I have a bowl of Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream to eat alone and now there's nothing to do. 

When we got to church this morning (on time!) Julian said, "Andy, Buzz Lightyear, Woody," remembering the man who incorporated the characters into his talk last week.  Maybe he does listen to some of what is said there!  Grandma and I didn't know how to make paper airplanes out of the program very well, although she did her best and Julian made loud flying noises with them.  After church I struggled to get them safely to the car while holding all my primary stuff and I thought about single parents and Corrie Tenboom in the concentration camp and remembered not to complain.

We ate a yummy dinner at your parents' house and I fought Parley to stay at the table the whole time.  I'd turn my head and he'd be gone, checking out Archer, playing the piano, sneaking more watermelon or edamame.  I was pretty tired.  Corrie Tenboom.  Not complaining.  

Now we're home and you should be sharing this ice cream and coaxing this girl to sleep (10:29, still awake) so we could do something boring together.  Tommorow, okay?

P.S. Since you took that precious camera I don't have any pictures to post. 

P.P.S.  10:35--Johnny Cash put Hazel to sleep.