Thursday, June 03, 2010

A Few Letters:

Dear Bloggers with music that automatically comes on,

Help me out!  I've snuck out of my kids' room, hoping they didn't notice, to check a few blogs, when I come to your blog and a BLAST of music (that I may or may not like) comes on and alerts my kids that I am, indeed, not laying by them anymore.  Will you please let me just push play if I want to hear your totally awesome music?  Please?  So I don't have to go back into my kids' room?



Dear Katie and Lance,

Since Jones pooped his pants twice today at my house, I'm now convincing Parley to come over to your house and do you the same favor.  Have a great day!



Dear Grumpy Mailman,

I've tried to be your friend by thanking you  and being friendly, but you're still grumpy.  So I joined Netflix.   



Dear Big O Tires,

Everybody hates buying tires.


Dear Dansko Sissy Sandal,

Why do you have to be so expensive?

Don't poor people deserve style and comfort too?  You'd look so good with my white nylons! (kidding all ya'll)

Hopefully yours,



Lindsey said...

"Letters. We've got letters. We've got sacks and sacks of letters. Letterrrrrrs!!!" (Love me some Letterman)

I will definitely co-sign on the one to blogs with music. I really hate that.

Janssen said...

AMEN to the music on blogs. How is one to read them at work while appearing to be doing something productive?!

Also, the Netflix thing made me laugh outloud.

Zach and Codi said...

I love when the people with music blogs post a video that "you just have to see" but just when their little tyke begins to say his first word he is "Kanye'd" by the latest "cool parent tune", or overplayed "convince the world we are the happiest couple ever" song.
To make matters worse... they don't have their music box at the side conveniently, instead it is at the bottom of their never ending list of posts and by the time you get there and turn it off, you've lost interest on what little man has to say.

Hawke said...

I have the black sissy sandals and I love them. The good thing about having a swollen foot is that I have an excuse to by really expensive shoes. I have my eye on the red and the brown as well as the other colors.

I have heard from other people about that grumpy post-man. I wonder why he is so grumpy?

Bethany @ Organic Enchilada said...

I think my mailman hates me for that Netflix thing, too, but he deserves it. Maybe being a total douche bag is a prerequisite to becoming a mail carrier?

Tamsin said...

Isn't it a requirement to disgruntled if you want to be a postal worker? I mean, you never hear about other worker groups described as disgruntled.

Also, I could not agree with you more on the music blogs. You people have caused me to keep the sound off on my computer at all times. See what you made me do!

Stephanie said...

Oh yeah. I have ranted and raved about my loathing of blog music. Some folks still insist though.

Love the netfix one. I so hear you about grumpy postal workers. Hard to figure out sometimes.

Anonymous said...

You make me laugh!

Kim said...

Bethany, I love that you said douche bag. hilarious!

I have the best mailwoman ever. She is super friendly and nice! But, it could be that I made her cookies and offer her homemade strawberry lemonade when I am home.

I will make sure I start sending you more cards and letters! :)

hawsfam said...

My mailman is really nice, even when he has recently been chased by a dog. I have even had semi-long conversations with him. You must have just gotten a rotten apple. I will now delete the music off my blog because I always work on my computer with the sound off to eliminate the aforementioned problem. I never knew I was annoying until now.

megan said...

Dear Jayne,

Guess I should have told you about the Dansko sale at Modern Shoe. There was even free cake. And a drawing. You probably would have won.

P.S. Move over by me instead and the mailman will be super nice to you. Even with Netflix

Teachinfourth said...

I didn't get a letter…however, none of them seemed too 'you're awesome, keep it up' so I'll just wait for mine to arrive.

I agree with the music; though I've found some new great tunes this way, it usually isn't the case.

Nicole said...

I am pretty sure all mail carriers aren't social butterflies. That is why they take a job where they don't have to talk to anyone. So when someone nice and cute tries to talk to them they don't know what to do.

The music thing bugs me also, I'm glad you like such in such song, but it doesn't mean I do. The worst part is that the turn off button is usually at the very bottom of the blog.

Oh, I wish the timing was better so I could buy Melissa's house, they do have a nice young family interested in it though!

Jordan said...

I'm going to continue to force you to listen to the music I like. I don't care if it alerts the children. I love you THAT much.

Just kidding. I get the point, geez!

criticalcrass said...
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criticalcrass said...

just out of curiosity, and in defense of those of us who enjoy having music on their blogs, why can't those of you who don't want to listen to our music use the mute button on your computers?

criticalcrass said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
criticalcrass said...

having said all that. i've decided i can make a concession. my blogs' playlists will remain at the bottom because i like them better there, but for those of you who can't use the mute key for whatever reason, i have adjusted the radios so that they have an on button as well as an off.

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the poop. I hope Jed helped change that :)

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the poop. I hope Jed helped change that :)

Anonymous said...

LOTS of people have really nice mailmen and mailwoman. My mom has told me how nice yours is, Megan!!! Nicole, I wish you could move into our neighborhood too! Even if our mailman is sooooo grumpy that even cute Jayne can't make him smile!! He really is something else!

Lisa said...

You have to get those sandals or else you won't be a true Clark! Didn't you get the memo? They all have them, so make whatever sacrifices you need to make and get them!

sanjeet said...

How is one to read them at work while appearing to be doing something productive?!
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Lucky ♥ Holly said...

Sell the pendant Jed found, buy the dansko's!

Anonymous said...

Dear Jayniemoon,

What kind of mother doesn't make sure the speakers on her computer are off when her children are sleeping? You should probably stop blaming others for your own iniquity.

jayniemoon said...

ha ha ha, iniquity.

I love you music bloggers anyway.