Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Happy Memorial Day Yesterday!

Hope you had a happy Memorial Day.  We did.  We shared it with many other happy people celebrating country, freedom, and family.  We went to a park nearby, where people were commemorating the day with grilled meat, Subway sandwiches, frisbee, balloons, bouncy air jumping things and of course, metal detector wands.  Because what better way is there to observe such an honorable holiday than to search for other people's lost valuables!


As I ate my Subway (do you still like me?) I kept one eye on my kids, and one on the metal detector man as he patiently swept his instrument over every inch of grass at the park.  I couldn't help but wonder what he was hoping to find there on Memorial Day.  I tried to imagine a conversation he'd have with his wife upon coming home with treasure:

Man: Honey, you'll never guess what I found at the park today!

Woman:   Not another Susan B. Anthony coin!  

Man:  I wish!  I found a new belt. 

Woman:  Oh, it's a great one honey!  

Man:  I also found you a pair of earrings.  But I'm saving those for our anniversary!  

Woman:  Give me a hint--gold or silver?

Man:  Oh you!  Gold.

Woman:  I did get kind of lonely eating my Subway sandwich alone today.  

Man:  Yeah, sorry about that.  But someone's got to pay for that 5 dollar footlong!

Woman:  True.  I guess I should've expected this when you proposed with that ring you found at Yellowstone!

Man:  Yeah, I almost lost my life putting the detector in the geiser, but look how it paid off!


A couple of my Memorial Treasures included Subway with my family (is someone giving me a free Subway yet?) teaching my kids (and a niece and nephews!) to ride a bike, dutch oven with family, the video tribute Jed orchestrated for Brigham Reneer, my Marine Brother-in-law and his wife reminding us of the blessing it is to live in this country, the reciting of the Gettysburg Address, Jed's homemade ice cream, and that gold pendant and $0.74 Jed found for me in the park.  


Megan said...

oh my gosh. this made me laugh hard. see, my husband is a total coin collecting nerd. last summer he bought a metal detector and was so excited to use it and find some awesome old coins abandoned in parks and empty lots and the like. but now he's too ashamed to use it. he knows he'd look like a total idiot. so instead the detector sits in the shed and he still looks like a total idiot for buying it. a couple of times he's used it in our backyard in the dark (you know so the neighbors won't see.)

you are funny jayne wells.

Bethany @ Organic Enchilada said...

I am digging on that dude's black socks! You are too funny!

Ginna said...

wow that video was amazing.

now that would be the test of undying love--recovering a ring from a geyser at yellowstone, hah.

Kim said...

haha. Kimmy likey.

bjahlstrom said...

That dialogue is hilarious.

Zach and Codi said...

Jed and Jayne- thank you for sharing that beautiful video. The few times that I did get to interact with Brigham were wonderful ones. Such a beautiful message.

Stephanie said...

So great! Thanks for a great laugh.

Jeanna said...

Aah Jayne! I've seen your blog before and since I saw you today, just thought I'd drop in and say hi! It was nice to you see you out with the kidlets! Reading this makes me remember how witty you always were. Girl's camp was always the best! Thanks for sharing your fun times and also thank Jed for putting together that video for Brigham. Priceless. Hopefully we'll see each other again soon!

Teachinfourth said...

I always wanted one of those things…the box and old commercials always showed fabulous treasures even One-Eyed Willy and Scrooge McDuck would have envied.

Yeah, right.

I still want one though...

sanjeet said...

that video was amazing.
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