Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Mindy Gledhill's Hourglass

(Remember to click twice if it cuts the screen in half)

Jed got to work with Mindy Gledhill again, this time behind the camera. I love this song. And Mindy has such a fantastic voice and she's too pretty for human kind.

It breaks my heart to think of my boys growing up. With Hazel it's different. I know we'll be best friends. We'll shop together and go to lunch and she'll bring her kids for me to play with. Boys grow up and fall in love with other girls and think they don't need their moms as much. My boys love me so much right now--they fight for me whenever Jed hugs me. Seriously. I ask them to promise me they'll always be my boys every day. I think the song captures this feeling I have perfectly.


Liz said...

I know *exactly* what you mean. This is why I begged God to give me girls. I got two (no boys after all). I didn't think I could handle the heartbreak of boys, when they leave, it's like they are just GONE. But, if you are telling your boys this all now, maybe it will stick!

The video is amazing... Just watching her sing is addictive.

Natasha said...

I'm so glad it is not only me that worries about that!

I already give my son instructions on his future and my future grandchildren and how often I get visits, and so far he agrees that I get to have the last say on his future bride...I am hopeful, his father thinks I am dreaming :)

He thinks I will be the worst mother in law in the world!

My worries at all.

YellowMutt said...

Oh thanks for sharing! I posted this for all my friends to see on facebook...I love Mindy's voice, and the combination of her wonderful music and Jed's shooting style is just perfect! kudos all around!

Sue said...

My grown up boys still pay attention to me, even the married one! So there's hope...


Tamsin said...

My little boy is only 8 months old, and I just cried sad fat tears at the thought of him growing up and not needing me anymore.

Way to be a ray of sunshine, Jaynie!

(And Mindy, who amazes me every time she opens her mouth.)

Bridget said...

this post was so sweet.

Nicole said...

Really, really beautiful. Thanks for sharing those wonderful talents. (That includes Jed's, his videos always get my attention.)