Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A {Very} Persuasive Argument

When I taught 3rd grade, I taught the students how to write persuasive papers by using a method called "Four Square Writing". We would fold our papers into four squares and write an outline. The thesis is in the middle and the first three squares contain different statements to support the thesis, and the last square holds the conclusion.

Like this:

You can see how this would easily flesh out into a nice persuasive paper. I recently tried my hand at the 4 square writing process again, and I think it turned out pretty well:

I'm sure you'll agree that there aren't any holes in this argument, and so if you happen to find yourself in the "bad human being" category, the only way to redeem yourself is to buy the Lower Lights album here. And I'll never tell anyone about how much you used to smell. It'll be our special deal.

And if I haven't convinced you yet (unlikely), here is the latest video Jed made. It is almost as good as my 4 square.

The Lower Lights // Chapter II from The Lower Lights on Vimeo.


YellowMutt said...

Oh, you were are teacher? I would have thought that you were some sort of marketing guru genius-type! Your post totally worked on me! I feel guilty, shameful, and a little smelly now (just as all good infomercials do). I must run out and buy some! :0) Seriously, I think this would make a great Christmas present for my family! Thanks for sharing! And remember, let's keep my stinkiness just between you and me?

About Ours Good One Home said...

You made me laugh. Then I bought the CD (the old fashioned way).

Amy said...

Well, I purchased mine a few days ago, so it's good to know that not only I am a fabulous human being but I do not stink anymore. I think. Right?

jed said...

i'm totally confused: i've never actually purchased a lower lights CD due to my involvement in the project. what kind of HB does that make me?

YellowMutt said...

Well, Jed, according the the 4 square persuasive writing technique's thesis, "If you don't BUY the Lower Lights Hymn Revival album, you are a bad human being." Sorry about your luck, maybe if you bought a cat it would help?

Carly said...

You had me at "you smell."

Jenn said...

1. I purchased the CD the day it went on sale because I HAD TO.
2. I went to the rooftop concert and sat behind you.
3. You have cute children. I know this, because they were in front of me, see #2.
4. I've already purchased my tickets for the Nov. 20 concert.

Therefore, I am not a bad human being and do not smell. Even though far too often I spend the entire day in my pajamas, not showering. Any smell that comes from that habit is not the smell of a bad person.

hawsfam said...

I already bought the album, too, but could you please please please keep posting new videos? My kids are totally sick of listening to that CD in the car "Why do we always have to listen to YOUR music?" but I'm addicted.

jayniemoon said...

Jed, I agree with YellowMutt, bad HB.

Jenn, so glad you sat behind us that nice day. You should've won that basa body.

Glad y'all like the music--I think it is pretty great.

Miss KG said...

I'm a blog stalker and BHB. Hi. Ex-BYU student on Cjane's street. Blog posting and linking brought me to you. Let's just say it's love. A really creepy type of love, but when Jed and I almost got into a car fight last spring at that ugly Subway turn... his face wasn't mad at me. So he is a GHB, regardless of lower lights album purchase.

I'd be anonymous right now posting, but that would just creep you out even more than I already have. And if it's any comfort, I now live in another college town thousands of miles away. But still check back time to time for the pretty pictures, funny stories, and philosophical Daughter stories.

It was just really neat to see the blogs of the people in my neighborhood. They lived their lives - and such great ones, at that -completely independent of me. If I didn't have that huge massive white dog at Kiwanis, I may have gone unnoticed completely.

PS. Sorry for the poop I inevitably missed picking up. He needs a diaper, seriously.

But. Cat's poop has toxoplasmosis. Which is terrifying. It's a bacteria that has a completely menacing life of it's own.

And now, you will never sleep. Or take your kids to BYU without donning hazmat suits. Because how many ferral cats ARE there on that campus? Oh dear, the catfights at night, walking back from the library... I shudder.

Love and well wishes.

writing prompt said...

You got it all wrong my class were watching this 3rd grade and we were working on persuasive speeches u have the indructoary paragraph in it u got the great beginning for example I looked in the cage while she was eating her food, she was white and fluffy and has a big black spot around her huge brown eyes. ok so tht is ur great beginning. Then you have ur topic sentence. For an example, I think a bunny would make a great classroom pet. Then you have your three reasons. my three reasons are because they are independent and easy to care for, we can take care of the bunny, and because people who deserve it can play with the buny. then u have ur concluding sentence for an example mine is Read on to find out why I think a bunny would make a great classroom pet. Ok now u have ur body paragraph one. u have to sa ur reason then a example. u do tht for ur tree reasonsa. then u have ur concluding paragraph. ok so u need to restate u topic sentence. Ok my example is this is why I think a bunny would make a great classroom pet. then u put ur three reasons again. then u got ur big concluding sentence. mine is Now, I say again, what do u think of a bunny as a classroom pet? THEN THERE U GO!