Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Haircut: Check

I cut Hazel's hair tonight on a whim. I've never cut hair before. I mean, I've helped buzz my boys heads--but that can hardly count. My biggest "help" is actually holding them down so Jed can buzz.

Tonight after Hazel washed her hair (which she has decided she can't stand doing) I looked at her long wet hair, remembered how badly it has needed to be cut, realized how long I've known that, and decided I was going to try cutting it. It was already past 8 o'clock, and we still had 20 minute tidy-up the house time (my favorite new idea), reading Christmas books and a promised short Christmas movie, if the tidying went well. So cutting hair should not have been in the cards. But I swear the scissors (totally crappy by the way) just got themselves into my hands and started cutting before I had time to completely think it through.

I had a few moments of: what in the world did I get myself into (and I'm not even saying hell didn't make it into that mind sentence), but in the end I think it turned out okay. I'm sure it's not totally even, and Jed will absolutely notice (and probably fix it while I'm not looking--just like he does with all my home improvement projects), and it did put us behind for bedtime (which I can't stand), but it's done now, and I don't have to think about it anymore.

The thing is, I find I'm so busy trying to get the basic things done (like the giant pile of laundry upstairs that I should be folding right now) that I don't get to the extra things, so they stay undone, or in this case, shaggy, for too long. I just don't remember to set up haircut appointments, or take my things to the dry cleaners or tune my piano. In the next life I swear I'll have that kind of mind, but until then, we'll likely have choppy haircuts and spotted dry clean only jackets.


ali said...

oh my. It looks like jed and troy need to get their micro-managing perfectionist selves together and compare notes.

Troy would and does notice my haircutting imperfections and has now banned and forbid me to touch our children's hair with scissors.

I just want to get something done and check it off my list....perfect or not!

MBGITWWR said...

Bravo to you! I still have yet to cute my 5 year old girl's hair. She has amazingly beautiful curly hair and I just don't dare! Way to go!

Zach and Codi said...

I love that the scissors somehow just ended up in your hands and began cutting away all by themselves, you may need to watch your back with those things!! This story reminds me of one of my favorite mission companions who went in to take a shower one morning and came out of the shower with a brand new short cut thanks to some handy plastic crayola kids scissors. Her response was "the back felt long". We ended up calling it the duck butt cut. We actually had our own little haircut extravaganza here at our place that I just blogged about. Check out my blog if you want to feel better about Hazel's cut.

Jen said...

where it the pic? The great thing about Hazels hair is it looks like it has wave, I always thought I could cut hair with Warner because it was so forgiving. Then I had Dane, straight as a pin, and I just I am a disaster! I havent been on the internet forever, I love catching up!

Teachinfourth said...

You probably cut hair like Jed makes videos…

Yeah…it's probably awesome and you just don't want to totally brag about your newfound ability at awesomeness.

I have the same problem.

Maybe we should start an intervention.