Monday, December 06, 2010

Someone said to me today "I love your new banner... nothing funny happening to you these days?"

My initial reaction, the one that comes from my gut (hey, stop looking at it), is "Nope. Nothing at all. Funny-Free Zone over here."

I look at this blog periodically and I think, I should say something today. But I'm just blank.

Except that I love that first week after Thanksgiving, when you can almost hear the starter pistol blasting the Christmas Season onto the calendar. We got our tree (at Baums, thank you very much) and dressed it. It's a fight every day to keep it dressed, with so many little hands that can't leave shiny things alone! You'd think we erected a toy stand in the living room. It's FAO Schwartz in there and Jed and I are always barking at them to leave it all dangling in the air. Sheesh.

And I love dusting off the old Christmas mixes. Jed is something of a Christmas Nazi in that from Boxing Day to Black Friday our house is a No Christmas Zone. No movies, no music, no nativities (actually, it's pretty hard to take Kershisnik's Nativity down from above the mantle, and sometimes it stays until January something, something). He does this to keep the holiday special, and I guess it makes sense. But as much as he might seem like a Grinch in January and July, he has made 5 or more Christmas mix CD's. His music library is full of Bing Crosby and Burl Ives. Some of my favorites this year come from this album, produced by our friend, Scott Wiley. (This record is actually a few years old, but somehow escaped us until last week.)
Don't let the really bad cover art (sorry if you took this picture) dissuade you, it's a really beautiful record, featuring the vocal stylings of some of our friends, Paul Jacobsen, Ryan Tanner and Sarah Sample. Mindy Gledhill's In the Bleak Midwinter brings me to tears, and Debrah Fotheringham's With Wondering Awe is the best thing anyone's ever done with that song (you don't even know that one, do you?).

And I love that Julian is starting to pray out loud with the family. Actually, if he had his way, no one else in the house would get the chance. Mostly his prayers are a string of incoherent vowels and stops, followed by an airing of grievances. Tonight, he threw dad under the bus, something about how he said No to the Legos when it was prayer time.

He's listening, kid. Really, there's no better shoulder to cry on.

So, sorry, but nothing else is really going on.


Linda said...

I love your new banner too! I found your blog via CJane and so enjoy reading about your life and your sweet children. It doesn't have to be funny, just glad that you blogged, that you are all ok and enjoying the Christmas season.

Teachinfourth said...

Your banner is awesome…I need to change mine up again, but let's face it, I'm lazy.

Now that you've gone and recommended this album, I'm going to have to listen to a few snippets and go from there. Thanks for the info, girl!

k a t y said...

I don't believe it. Life can't not be funny with little kids, it's just so dang hard to remember all the funny little things they say by the end of the day when you're about to explode from the noise, the chaos, the complaints, the laundry, dishes, and dirty laundry. I say to Ryan, "Clover said the funniest thing in the whole world today. But I can't remember what it is was. Sorry."

And you're right. That's an awesome album. And it's a cheesy cover.

YellowMutt said...

I love the banner too! I think that the gaps in postings makes me even happier when I see a new one...I mean, reliable? predictable? it's sooo overrated! lol. What I CAN rely on, however, is that when there is a new post, it will be heartfelt, funny, and wonderful! I totally love reading about your family, and thank you for sharing every post no matter when they happen or how far in between! :0)

Carly said...

Awww, Baums! I used to get a tree for my bedroom from Baums and carry it all the way home. I used to also sort of have a crush on Ladell (sp?) Baum.Tell me, is he still a tall, white haired drink of water with manly leather work gloves? What 10-18-year-old girl can resist?? I'm glad you got your tree there.I wish we had a Baum's equivalent here in Rexburg.

emily k. smith said...

Seriously, what is up with that cover art? Mark is a bit of a Christmas music Natzi himself. This summer an ice cream truck went through the neighborhood (which, he is convinced, is driven by crazy pedophiles) and it was playing high tinkley Christmas music! I thought Mark was going to punch a hole in the wall he was so pissed! He refused to give any money to the kids since it was against his moral code to support such absurdness.

Another time I was whistling and it just happened to be out of tune -because that is how I roll - and he snapped at me "No Halloween music until October!!" I wasn't really trying to whistle halloween music, it just sounded like it because I am tone deaf.

Anonymous said...

Airing of grievances...that cracks me up! E.M., Henderson NV