Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Giant George

Jed, George and I went to Crest to get a drink the other day.  I got George a smarties sucker instead of a Coke.  Mary, the nice lady behind the counter, liked him and was chatting with him while we paid for our treats.  "Can you say 'Mary?'" she questioned him several times.  George, who at nine months doesn't say anything, just smiled.  Jed and I laughed on the way back to the car.  He may be look big enough to say Mary, but he's just a giant nine month old.


Zach and Codi said...

I am so in love with him! If he weren't already betrothed to Emily's little girl I would be pushing for an arranged marriage between George and Kendell.

camille said...
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Mr. Glass said...

Your nine month old isn't talking yet? Our nine month old is walking, and talking in sentences. Oh wait, I'm thinking of Lilah. She and George are about the same size though.