Sunday, October 21, 2012

Girlie Glue

You know Katie by now--my 'can do' sister who helped me with my eighth grade algebra when she was in sixth grade? Katie, ever a size smaller than me, ever dazzling, ever creating.

Here's an awesome thing about being Katie's sister: no one asks me to do anything.  I just sit idly by and watch tv while Katie cuts my brothers' hair, makes dessert and sews tarps together to make scooter covers.  Amazing.

This time though, Kate has created something that may just be her best yet (and those scooter covers were pretty remarkable).  Really, I'm so proud of her.  She has created and manufactured Girlie Glue--an all natural glue to stick bows on little babies.  And it really works.  And there is nothing else out there like it! She's pretty great, my little sis.

And since Kate's strong suit has never been spelling (there, their, they're--help!) she said if I'd do the "word stuff" (well, and provide a husband for design) I could be apart of her Girlie Glue crew.  So, I'm doing something awesome now!  See?

Check out our website, ok? I did the word stuff.  Jed did the design.  And this glue is amazing.  Hazel uses it to stick some felt earrings on since she is terrified to get her ears pierced.  My nieces keep darling bows in their hair all day.

And if you buy some today, she'll know it was because of my blog, and I'll have that to hold over her.  And this might be my only chance.  Please?


Kimba said...

okay, i promise to pin this if you promise to tell me where you got (or she got) those adorable hair accessories! so cute! it's hard to find bows and things that aren't as large as my baby's head (and she's only 4 mths).

love the site by the way - clever wording! :)

Kimba said...
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jayne wells said...

Thanks Kimba!

My sister actually made the hair accessories by just cutting felt into flowery shapes and hot gluing them together. Then she puts a few dabs of the girlie glue on the felt bow and it lasts all day!

Thanks about the site too!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Jaynie, I just looked at all of your very appropriate words about Girlie Glue and I am sold!! Though I don't have babies at my home on a daily basis, your line of chatter makes me think I should buy some! You and or Katie bring me five tubes and I will give them away in the form of advertising. Lots of grandmas like to baby their babies! Great word work, you talented and beautiful granddaughter. Love you, Grams

Mom Lisa said...

Jayne your words, your kindness, your beauty, your ability to control and captivate the whole primary make me smile and you always cheer me up and make me laugh!
I am so lucky to have my two talented daughters.
Jayne's clever words about Girlie Glue are true. Katie has invented some great stuff. Jed's designs are so fun.