Tuesday, October 09, 2012

The Matriarch of the Blue Hair

When Jed met the Fords on his trip to China, there was an immediate connection.  When he'd call at night, he'd tell me of their kindness, generosity and great taste in food.  He'd tell that Stephanie would be my dear friend, and that we had to meet.  (We did meet, and we are dear friends.  I love her dearly.)

Stephanie gave Jed a present of a Chinese boxed set of the one of the seasons of the Simpsons.  Jed inherited a few VHS boxed sets from my brother when he upgraded to DVDs, and treasured them, so the new DVDs were a welcome addition.  The Chinese version is pretty great, having clearly been ripped directly from TV, the FOX logo in the corner and all. Quite possibly the best part of the whole gift though, is the description of the show on the back.  It reads:

"This cartoon describes the life of the Simpsons in Springfield.  Homer Simpson's parents home is not in the traditional sense of "family man."  He, as head of the family, trying to lead no big or little the family members, can be often the case that he is being led.  There is love in this family, the matriarch of the blue hair, Marge, son of the king trouble Bart, daughter unexpectedly good Lisa, there are baby Maggie.  The family never grow old, but the background was Springfield with the town's changes.  Whatever the case more embarrassment..."

I know.  Read it again.  We can't stop reading it.


Zach and Codi said...

Oh the gloriousness of pirated DVDs. We have many Russian DVDs and they too, provide just as much entertainment on the back of the case as they do in the movie themselves. Love the latest blog posts, even if I am completely guilty of writing "Ha Ha" way too much after I write things (was this your subtle way of telling me to knock it off?). I don't get the whole twitter/# thing either and if it makes you feel better... although I have a cell phone it's apparently a dinosaur (it's an old, tiny flip phone), can only get a limited amount of texts, and cannot receive photos or images of any kind. I get 'You're crazy' looks all the time.

neal said...

That description almost makes it sound like The Simpsons could be a somber biopic on pbs.

junioraudio said...

nice blog Matriarch of the no phone.