Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Parley's Pick

We met Parley and Hazel on their walk home from school yesterday.  They were deep in a silly conversation and barely noticed us, but Parley stopped chatting to tell us something.

P:  I get to vote tomorrow.
J:  That's great buddy!
P: I learned that Barack Obama has two daughters and his favorite food is Chili.  His hobby is basketball.  Mick Rommey likes granola and he has 18 grandchildren.  He likes to go horseback riding.
J:  Cool bud, how did you learn that?
P: I read about it in a thing.
J: Who are you going to vote for?
P: Obama.
J:  That's cool, how come?
P: Cause he's been here for awhile and I still want him.
J:  Well that's awesome.
P:  Most kids in my class are going to vote for Mick Rommey because some of them say he's a Mormon.


Janssen said...

Ha! Poor Mick - all that money spent and no one even knows his name.

neal said...

When Mitt learns that his votes were split with some "Mick," he's gonna be ticked.

Lindsey said...

I love Parley.

kimalli1 said...

Election through the eyes of kids actually helps to make the whole process tolerable. My daughter asked me if I was going to vote for Barack Obama or Pit Romney.

Tamsin North said...

A friend's five year-old daughter couldn't understand why anyone would vote for Mitt Romney when Barack Obama already knew how to be the president. "What does Mitt Romney know?"


bethanne said...

No one told your kids they're going to hell? I'm sure some parents would have if they had heard that. ; )