Sunday, January 20, 2013

Cellular Phones Rule!

I got a new cellular phone (although I think the kids these days mostly just call them cell phones).  I've got to tell you, it is pretty remarkable!  I can make a call to someone, then hop in the car and drive, and still remain on the phone with them!  My cordless phone only lets me walk to my nearest neighbor's house.

There is also this thing called texting.  Texting is where you can write messages to friends and send them right over the phone!  So if I'm running a little late, I can "text" someone "be there in 5 minutes" and then I don't have to call.  And since I'm frequently late, it is a life saver!  Sometimes to make it cute you can add things like smiley faces from semi colons and parentheses.  :).  Then people are less mad when you're late because the text is so cute.

Cellular phones allow you to program phone numbers directly into the phone.  That way, when you're out and about, shopping or swimming (obviously), and you don't have your phone book, you can still call your friends!  I have great skill with the phone book, having worked with it so long, that I actually forgot to use my programmed numbers the other day and looked up a friends phone number in the phone book! Who would've ever thought we'd be living without a phone book?  Futuristic!

Some cellular phones can take pictures.  Mine can, but I can't figure it out, and I think the pictures turn out crappy.  But I'll tell you what--they're better than the photos my cordless takes!  Pictures can then be shared with friends and everyone can know just what you ate for lunch.  It is totally the coolest thing to do. It is also a really good idea to take pictures of yourself when you're looking your best.  Or if your waist looks extra small that day.   Then, you can show them off--but it totally doesn't look like showing off!  There are a couple of internet sites that allow for the posting of pictures to share with friends.  Look them up in google.

Cellular phones can even wake you up in the morning.  Goodbye old alarm clock!  Just place your phone next to your bed and pretty soon Katy Perry will be singing you awake.

I don't want to get ahead of myself,  but I've heard rumors of some cellular phones having video cameras and games and a robot lady that tells you directions and other things.  Again, not sure, but something to look forward to.

In conclusion, I'm really glad I got my cellular phone.  I mostly forget to carry it with me, and I think I actually left it in my mom's car yesterday cause I can't find it, but I feel like it is a really important decision I made.  You ought to consider getting one.  I wish someone had come up with them like ten years ago!


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the inspiration. I am seriously considering the salts and oils diet even though I just had heart surgery. It seems to me that the heart needs oiling. Besides that, I need to "step it up" a little in my diet. Too much fruit, veggies, whole grains and milk make Jack a dull boy...even if you are a girl. Thanks for the great chuckles today. Love always, Grandma

Anonymous said...

"There are a couple of internet sites that allow for the posting of pictures to share with friends. Look them up in google." Get out of here. This post was classic. #IamlaughingwayhardandIamsogladwearecousins! #thisispaige

Rob said...

As someone who FINALLY went cellular in 2012 I'm loving this post.

Zach and Codi said...

Isn't the move from the dark age amazing? I'm still a little skittish with mine and my husband likes to make fun of me when I say things like: "Oh no! What's happening now?" "Ummm... I don't know what button to push!" "Is Siri just messing with me, or does she really not understand me?". Other than the teasing, and the constant worry that it's going to randomly explode in my hands, I'm really enjoying my new phone too.

Aiketa said...


Shana said...

Love your post. Sorry I haven't responded sooner. I was running a marathon, sewing a wedding dress, baking bread and knitting a quilt. Look it all up on google so you can see me doing all this stuff. My waist looks TINY.

Girlie Girls said...

Grams, let's do the oils and salts diet together while we play games.
Paige-You're awesome because you liked that quote.
Rob-You beat me to the cell phone--but it was a close race for sure.
Codi-I still don't have an iphone, so I'm still in the dark ages a little.
Aiketa-I love you.
Shan-I just saw that quilt you tied in your bikini. Your waist does look so small. Awesome that no one thinks you're bragging.

jayne wells said...

Wait! That last comment was really from me!

Anonymous said...

whatever, jayne. you're just trying to do some girlie glue pr on the blog. --paige

jayne wells said...

You caught me--you know how strict I am about business. Don't you dare ask me for a freebie.

Jen said...

Now you have something better than a new cell phone! Please BLOG!

Allen Fernandez said...

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