Thursday, December 21, 2006

Dreams Revisited

When I last wrote, I posed the question, "What are your dreams?" I fear some of my readers have gotten a little out of hand. I recently checked my comments and found some people speaking of drugs, others claiming to be related to the wonderful author, Voltaire, and one young buck claiming to have some artistic talent in card making. One person, probably on drugs, actually had the audacity to talk of a manatee drowning a poor ferret. The Dark Lord, Voldemort, was mentioned and apparently the general manager of Heynmark seems to believe she is related to him. Swearing is found among the comments and one person actually spelled Damn with a b at the end. I'm not sure who of this crowd is on the drugs mentioned, but I simply want to warn my readers that they ought to be aware of such crass and loopy behavior among others of my readers.
Tune in next time...Can a person really be hypnotized?


Lisa said...

I was feeling really sorry for this little blog with no comments sitting right next to the one with 49 comments as of this writing! Jayne, I have a little naughty streak in me...writing as I did about the manatee and the poor ferret. I was probably on Meth and that's why I might be the one who spelled damn, like damb.

jayne said...

Mom! Have you not seen those meth commercials? One use and viola! you're a nutcase! (not viola the instrument in case you're wondering. I hear it can be confusing sometimes.) Thanks for including a comment for this small unappreciated blog.

Lisa said...

Can't you see that I'm losing weight though Jayne? Its totally worth it. I haven't got sores all over my body yet, so I'll probably quit if that happens..after I lose some more weight. Ha ha! :)Violin!!!