Sunday, January 14, 2007

The Top Ten Worst Things to Spend Money on

10. New tires. If you have to get new tires, you're out almost $200-more if you don't get the cheapskate tires like me--and let's be honest, you can't tell the difference between the old ones and the new ones.

9. Underwear. A whole week of changes can get spendy! Bras too--especially! (How embarrassing Jayne!)

8. Gas/Oil Changes. Easily the quickest way to spend $35 (some of you Van owners are cursing my name at the mention of a measly $35) only to find it gone in a week. And why can't I just put some new oil in anyway? Why does someone have to change it for me? Sheesh!

7. Diapers. A heartbreak when you leave the store with two boxes of diapers and you're out $40.

6. Insurance. You've got it on everything: your house, your car, your family and your life. I almost pay as much as my first apartment's rent in insurance.

5. Car Registration. What is it that we're registering for?

4. Video Store Late fees. Especially when it is a surprise. You thought you turned it in on time, but when it's time to pay for your new video, you pay for the old one too. Again.

3. Nylons. Not too expensive up front--$3 or so, but when you wear them once and your kids' velcro shoes snag a run in them, it adds up.

2. Textbooks. You would've never bought them if they weren't required (Jed just didn't) but you end up spending more in one blow than you'd spend on your husband's wedding ring (no offense dearie).

1. Traffic Violations. Jed is famous for getting these on special days (our honeymoon, the day of Hazel's birth) So we pay for "traffic school" to keep it off our darned insurance that we're already spending our life's wages on.

What do you hate spending money on?


Linds said...

At least you hate spending money on things you need. I hate (love) spending money on things that I don't really make-up, Aveda shampoo and conditioner, etc. In fact, whenever I say I need something Brian always asks "Well how bad do you need it?" D'oh! I hate that question.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear someone else experiences the velcro nylon snags. That just happened on Sunday and I was ticked! Life goes on... I hate spending TWICE as much money in England - dang that exchange rate!

Love, you know who.

nie nie said...


love it!

Sheryl said...

Ouch...thanks for reminding me about the darn traffic ticket I have. I really can't stand the thoughts of sitting in traffic school again. The only textbook anyone should buy is the one that makes it possible for the grandparents to spend a month in Hawaii...Love you, Sher

Mom said...

It took me a minute to get the grandparent/textbook/Hawaii connection,Sher. I'm a little slow. Yes, that Education Finance textbook, by Vern Brimley has helped us all to be able to spend some time in Hawaii,hasn't it? Stop saying Hawaii in there.

I hate spending money on magazines that I've ordered and I've checked the "pay later" box! Ha!
I also hate spending money on food at the grocery store. How am I supposed to buy new clothes and books and other fun stuff when I have to buy all that dumb food?

How are you anonymous? I haven't seen or heard from you forever!
Jaynie, you're great! I love you!

Sheryl said...

I'm sorry but I don't know who anonymous is...and it is driving me crazy. Come on we have no secrets in this family...except that one.

Sheryl said...

OK, so I spent my $22.00 on my ticket and the darn (usually I say damn) $60.00 for traffic school. But what is even worse is that I had to wait for 45 minutes on the 3rd floor of the court building for my turn with the traffic "referee" just so she could tell me that I could go to traffic school. The 17 year old derelect in front of my creeped me out with his hair style which was sectioned off into one inch squares and made into tiny pony tails all over his head. Each pony tail was a perfect little circle. He must have had a hundred little circles all over his head. He pleaded his case for twenty minutes finally telling the referee to take the ticket and #$%&*@#$^&@#$%&@#$%$%^%$. Well when it was my turn I told the referee that I didn't think I should have to pay anything. I told her that I thought it was punishment enough to have to sit there for so long and look at that punk's hair. Well Jayne, sorry to use your blog to vent...but I don't have my own blog...does it cost money????? Love you and those adorable children (and Jed too) Sher

mom said...

Sher, That is the greatest story. That hair description made me so sick that I had to skip through it and not really read it. I think its great that the referee (do they really call her that) laughed her head off when you said that to her.
That guy should be handing people money just to have to look at him and to hear him. I still wouldn't stand by him for $50.00 bucks.. well, maybe if it wasn't for very long and I could close my eyes and ears.

Ashley Timms Hobby said...

I didn't mean to post anonymously -but this attention HAS been nice, maybe I should do it more often! :)

Yours truly,

Linds said...

Ashley! Oh you 'tricky dicky'!

Shana said...

Hate to buy tires. Hate paying the darn Dish network bill each month. Hate paying my monthly cell phone bill which is a necessary evil. (Especially because I always go over my limit and then it's REALLY expensive.) Don't mind Jiffy Lube. Can sit in the waiting room and look at a magazine--except for that it's a little cold in there.

Never been to traffic court--nanny nanny.

Been to Hawaii because of a textbook so keep buying them.

Hate to go to the store. Hate it when people write sentences with no subjects and start them with verbs.

Shana said...

Okay, I forgot to say a few more things. Stop going to church and you won't need to buy so many nylons. And underwear, a big, big waste of time to spend money on it. Hate it.

Lisa said...

Its a great sacrifice for us to buy nylons and go to church, Shan.
Some people like to buy high definition big screen TV's and a huge van instead of nylons. Of course, Mike would look pretty funny in nylons, so I can see why he doesn't buy them.
Its fun to buy Little Mermaid and Batman undies for grandkids.

One of my biggest weakness with money is when I go to Rite Aid and see all the little things that I movie magazines, sun glasses, reading glasses, lipstick, gum, coloring books, cool pens...and so on and so on.

jayniemoon said...

Sheryl! Terrible traffic ticket story. You really should have been set free after such a punishment.

Anon,glad we brought you back to the states. Silly I still don't see you. Stop spending so much on nylons and start spending on gas and get down here.

I hate spending money on brooms for people that don't use them.

jayniemoon said...

Shan, is not going to church the reason you're half way to being a millionaire? Bragger.

Lisa said...

Darn! I thought "anonymous" was The Dutchess of York, and that she was going to tell us she doesn't have to pay a penny for Weight Watchers!

Another dang! I seriously subscribed to Oprah magazine and the bill came today. You don't believe me do you? Yes, I did sign up for Oprah Magazine...I know she bugs some of you... and yes, the bill came today in the mail. Doh!

Linds said...


Was her picture of the cover of the bill, too?

Lisa said...

No photo on the bill, Linds. :) I think its dumb that she is always on the cover too, but I like her mazagene.

Paulina said...

Well said.