Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Some favorite birthday gifts:

July 24, 8pm Jed tidied up the house (+ vacuumed!)
July 25, 12am Jed changed Hazel's terribly stinky pull-up
July 25, 8am Parley kept yogurt out of his hair
July 25, 9am Hazel opened my presents and re-wrapped them for herself (she turned 8)
July 25, 10am Atticus sang happy birthday many many times
July 25, 2pm A good nap for Parley
July 25, 5pm an ultrasound from Aunt Katie...can you tell what my baby is??

It's a BOY!! A new bwuzzo for Hazel and Parley!

(I got some nice wrapped up kinds of gifts and calls from all kinds of nice people too--I just didn't want to get all blog-cheesy on you. I have the best friends and family. Thanks for making #28 great!)


Wells said...

congrats!! that will help a little to even out the wells cousins--9 boys to 11 girls. glad you had a great birthday! hope cedar is fun.

ali degraff said...

Hey buddy! Happy Birthday! I am glad that everyone cooperated to make your day special special. You deserve it! Now if only the bishop could have called and released you from RS pres. That would have been the icing on the cake. Then again, knowing you, you would never wish such a thing.

You are a good person Jayner and I am glad to be your friend.

emily k. smith said...

28?!!! why you're nothin' but a spring chicken!

Congratulations on the boy Jayne and I feel awful that I forgot to tell you Happy Birthday at the pool the other night! Anyways, lets still plan on going out to dinner with the girls soon to celebrate.

Jordan said...

Hey Jayne!! I have a Hazel, too! She is nince months old in a few days. So fun to stumble on your blog through Emily who's sister Megan married my, did you catch all that. Cute kids. Darling family!

Jordan said...

Oh, and Happy Birthday and Congrats on girl numero 2!

Momma Lisa said...

I can't wait to see what he looks like! Parley is a mix of both grandpas I think. :) Hazel looks just like you and Jed. We're so excited. I hope both your boys are easy to potty train! :) What a doll Hazey is though. I get the biggest kick out of her. You are a wonderful mom, Jayne.

paige marie said...

Yay! I'm so excited. Remember how fast we were trying to get home? We must have been in a hurry for some you jayne!

Lindsey said...

I know why you were hurrying home...because Cedar City is lame and you wanted to get the 'ell outta there. :)

Yay for another bwuzzo! I love bwuzzo's!

paige marie said...

Hardly Linds, hardly. :)

ktb said...

What the crap? Jayne you are not 28 - none of that now!!!

nie nie said...

Dear Jayne!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY (about 2 weeks ago) I love you..congrats on baby boy!

Jason & Shannon Salmon said...

Congrates on the Baby Boy. That is so exciting!