Thursday, August 30, 2007

Big Orange Life Jackets

I know something now. Wherever Heaven is, you'll find kids in big orange life jackets. Adults will be punished for wearing them; but children, as a Heavenly rule, must wear big orange life jackets. Yes, I know we won't need to worry about them drowning or anything in Heaven, but the rule will still be in force. Big orange life jackets seem to make even the homeliest of kids cute. In those big, orange foam pouches is a certain joy that includes family, water, boats, fishing, rock throwing/skipping, camp fires, swimming and a beautiful world you'd forgotten about while sweeping the floor at home.

It seems a family vacation is always too expensive, too time consuming, too far to drive--but it seems when I decide it's worth it, it really, really is.


jed said...

love those cankles, dad.

Lindsey said...

Was it planned for Jed and Hazel to have the exact same expression on their faces? I love it!

Mom said...

Jayne you need to put that picture of you and Katie in orange vests fishing on here. You look just like Hazel. Where is that picture?

Jordan said...

Jayne, you hit it on the nose here. and you've inspired me to take my family out of the house--somewhere where there is no sweeping. I still can't get over that we both have a hazel (does she have a middle name?)

emily k. smith said...

Yes, even the homeliest kids can look good in those vests. I'm sure that is the sales pitch they went with:


Still your kids are the most adorable kids with or without vests. Jed is cute too.