Monday, September 03, 2007


Hazel went fishing for the first time today. She has been dying to go since she heard about what fishing is. We headed up to Strawberry Reservoir with Grandpa Clark and Great Uncle Jim. Grandpa and Uncle Jim are a big part of the experience. They argue about location of the fish, lures to use, when to reel in and location of Book of Mormon lands. But, Dingleshorts and Bonehead, as they are more commonly known as in the boat, sure make fishing memorable. If truth be told, my dad keeps a special picture of he and Jim in his office at home. There isn't even a picture of me in there.

We boarded the S.S. Hyrum (thank you ex-grandpa Hyrum) and put our lines in. It took awhile to catch anything, but with Salt and Vinegar chips to keep her busy, Hazel remained quite patient.

When Jim felt the bite, he reeled it in until we could see it, but Hazel brought it in. Jed and I had hoped she'd be okay to let it go--but she was determined to keep it and eat it. After a great afternoon with stimulating conversation and cinnamon bears, we headed for the shore. We weren't booted out by the old men or anything. We left of our own volition.

Hazel headed up the boat ramp carrying her fish, wrapped up in a grocery bag, just like she carried her pet Milo. She pleased everyone she passed--she was so proud of that fish! Jed, what a sport, brought the fish home and he and his wonderful dad cleaned and barbequed it. As promised, we put lots of lemon and salt on it, and Hazel ate it right up. What a surprise! The girl who won't try any ice cream that isn't vanilla actually loved trout!

A wonderful Labor Day. Thanks Grandpa and Jim for sharing your precious fishing time with us!


janaya said...

aw, a girl after my own heart. LOVE fishing. don't so much love the eating part, but as long as i have people around who enjoy them, i feel justified reeling them in. and what great pictures! hazel is getting so big!

Lindsey said...

What is it about the 'Berry that makes little girls want to take their shirts off? I know that there are pics of you and I, Jayne, with our shirts off at the 'Berry. But maybe we're in the sink, I don't know.

I love you Hazel! I'll see you soon!

ali degraff said...

i don't know jayne. the look on hazey's face is not very convincing that "she LOVED trout". But I'll take your word for it.

Sounds like everyone should experience a fishing trip with those two at least once in their lives.

Lisa (Grandma Clark) said...

There is a waiting list of people who want to fish with Dave and Uncle Jim, you'd better sign up soon! They'll either drive you crazy or make you laugh your head off at their banter (or both).I'm sure Hazey didn't notice much of what Bonehead and Dingleswarz said though. She looked so cute all ready to go fishing with Grandpa and so pleased when she brought a big fish home for me to see! What a great memory for all.

Lisa again said...

oops, its Dingleshwartz!