Monday, September 17, 2007

Twenty-nine Years

September 24 has been a celebrated day in my life for twelve years. September 24, 1978 is Jed's birthday. I've considered that day to be one of the most important days in the history of the world for a long time.

(photo courtesy of Hazel)

I picked Jed out early. As a freshman, he was new to the public school system, funny, cute, talented, and respectful. He even opened doors for girls! I liked him from the start. The problem was, I had older friends and cousins who also attended Provo High. When they found out I had an eye on Jed, they teased us both until we were so embarrassed, we pretended we didn't notice each other in the halls.

To make a long story short, mocking folks graduated, we wrote letters to each other, Jed told me he wanted to marry me, Jed was boneheaded for a time, Jed recognized his idiocy (I've forgiven him, I just won't let him live it down), Jed and I became very best friends who also happened to like kissing each other.

I fell in love with Jed for many reasons--some are mentioned above--but what it ultimately came down to was that I was so happy around him. What a romantic! Dates with Jed were so different from my other dinner-and-a-movie dates. He read Winnie-the-Pooh (with all the voices) by the fire or on the tramp, we made homemade desserts and pizzas, we watched old movies and danced to old music. I truly loved being with him and he took such good care of me.

Jed and I have been married for seven years and I can say more than ever, I truly love being with him. He not only takes good care of me, but Hazel and Parley too. I am never happier than I am watching him love them--and he adores them. I am thrilled that they have him as their dad. I am so proud of him as an artist and as a provider, but more than anything I am proud of him as a father.

September 24, thanks for bringing Jed. I love him more than he knows.


ali degraff said...

really jayne...who couldn't love a face like that?

and winnie-the-poo stories in special voices? sign me up! I have never seen that talent of Jed's.

as for you Jed...HAPPY B-DAY. Only good wives write tributes like this to their hubbies. I hope you have a great day!

Your present is in the mail!

janaya said...

jayne... you're too cute. like, pretty much the cutest. and i officially like you both more because you were best friends who happened to like kissing each other. :) i think every marriage should be based on that solid foundation.

anyway... happy birthday jed! :)

Mom Wells said...

Jaynie, I have a couple of better pictures of Jed if you would like to post another some time. I appreciate your tender tribute to my boy. Having followed that youthful romance from your freshman year on, I am ever so glad that you didn’t give up on him and that you continue to hang with him. I love you for all of your great qualities, but doubly so for taking over the care and love of my Jeddy. But wait, are you suggesting in your blog that you kissed before marriage?

emily k. smith said...

I am so happy two of my favorite childhood friends found each other and are so perfect together! I love you both and a very Happy Birthday to JED!

P.S. I am also appalled that you kissed before you were married.

Josh said...

Happy Birthday Sanchez! As a long time Jed fan, I can second that he is a unique, amazing individual. And even though we have lost touch over the years, I still count him as a friend.

PS. I was a friends of Jed's during the "bonehead" era, and even though he was a bonehead, he always knew he would marry you.
PPS. I had a bonehead phase, too, and my wife has forgiven me, but won't let me live it down.

c jane said...

And I sorta like him too.

Katy said...

Okay, Jayne, Jed's cute and all, but I think we need a new update. (Sorry, Jed)

BTW, finally got your package off......:)

nie nie said...

lets see some pics of your TEN year looked like a BABE! (i saw on Emily's blog)
i just went to christians...
B O R I N G ! !

Mama Lisa said...

Very sweet Jaynie! Yes, I knew that you loved Jed as early as 15 when you were in The Music Man together and when you asked me to go to his plays with you! I loved those days with you and was so pleased that you would ask me to go with you. You are such a sweetheart.
I liked Jed right away. I loved watching the two of you sing in choir and it was very obvious that you "had eyes for each other".
Jed is a very tender and protective husband and father. I am very grateful for him and that you are together. I picture the two of you dancing and looking sooooooo cute together whenever I hear "When We Dance" by Sting.
I have totally forgotten about the boneheaded stuff, although you are fun to tease! :)

ali degraff said...

jayne...i'm with katy. i love jed, but I am getting kinda tired of checking your blog and seeing his scruffy face!

get busy and start neglecting your kids or something! By the are you feeling this time around?