Monday, October 06, 2008

Oh, Danny Boy

I was nine days shy of being ten years old when Danny was born. I was so happy my mom was having another baby and I desperately wanted him to look like me. My grandparents had been with my sister, brother and me the day and night before but our new brother still hadn't come by the time we were asleep. Our dad greeted us in the morning, telling us we had a new brother: Daniel David Clark: 9 lbs. 5 oz. We celebrated at Village Inn (and why not?) and went to meet the little (fat) man. To my delight, Danny was 'Clark' through and through--which meant he looked like me.

I adored that little boy. When he was two years old, he was obsessed with the Beetlejuice characters. That's right, Beetlejuice. Not Sesame Street or the Smurfs or Barney. Tim Burton and Danny Elfman won Danny over at an early age. Batman, Pee-Wee and Nightmare Before Christmas were soon to follow.

One thing you should know is that I've always been Danny's favorite. We might as well have that in the open. We can always count on each other to catch Seinfeld references and find fault in Katie and Chuck. When Jed and I were in high school, we'd rent movies and buy gummy worms and raspberry ice. Danny would climb in between us and watch the movie and eat all our treats. The next day I'd come home and Danny would be watching the movie we watched the night before. Once I came home to find him watching Cinema Paradiso, a movie all in Italian, all by himself. What a kid.

It is unbelievable to think that little boy is my handsome nineteen year old brother. Danny leaves to Mexico Wednesday for his mission. Time has flown by. But gosh darn it, he still looks like me and I'm still his favorite. And he still likes to watch movies with Jed and me, though now, he usually sits in his own seat. I'm going to miss this little brother.

Oh, Danny Boy
Oh, Danny Boy
I love you so.


Anonymous said...

What a sweet tribute to Elder Clark! When Chuck was 12 we bought him a sports coat and Danny said, "Mom, I want a new church jacket like Chuck has." I said, "We can get your one when you turn 12 too." But, Danny said,
I want one now because everyone keeps telling Chuck how handsome he looks!" Dan was 8 then.
When he was younger and usually had to be talked into going to church, he said, one Sunday, "Mom I really can't go to church today. " I said, "Oh really?!!!".....and then being quite afraid of ever being home alone he said, "And I really need someone to stay home with me!
IF he were ever alone for very long...we could often find him in Steve and Cindy's bed, snuggled upbetween them!"
Now he's going to be so strong, independent, yet dependent on the Lord.
We sure love that kid who started out so big! THANKS jAYNER'S
Love, Mom

Lindsey said...

Oh Jayne! That is a nice tribute to your look-alike brother! I love him and am going to miss him so much, but he is going to be an awesome missionary!!

Just do me one favor and give him a big hug for me, ok! I really wanted to see him before he hit the MTC.

We love you, Danfourth!

Anonymous said...

I must say that Jed takes a good photo of folks too. Dan looks very handsome in his church jacket.
Mom Lisa

Anonymous said...

Danny is such a genuinely great guy, as sweet and good natured as they come. We love you and we'll miss you. Can't wait to plan a trip to Capitol Reef as soon as you are home! Write to us! Shana and family

jed said...

once i was doing some video project for a comedy show that never happened (sigh) and i asked dan to be in it. he was glad to oblige. but when it came to directing him, he had his own ideas about how the film should actually be carried out. for one thing, he was determined that it should feature him riding his long board. it was new and he was really into it. he didn't have a lot of suggestions as to HOW the long board fit into the script, but he was sure i should get some footage of it.

he was very persuasive. here's a peek at the two scripts:

original (bad) script
by jed wells


DAN, a nondescript and boring child with no apparent interests or hobbies, walks casually through an apartment screen door...

new (improved) script
by Dan Clark (with some old bits by jed wells)


DAN, confident and handsome, something of a rogue and a budding adolescent with the voice and body of a six year old-- because that's cool to look younger than you are-- glides effortlessly down a shady suburban street on a brand new, super hot long board. He is so deft in his movements and carriage, it is clear that he is really into this long boarding thing and that he has, do doubt, been doing it for a really long time. more likely than not, longer than any of his friends at school and his loser of an older brother who is always copying dan and trying to do everything he does like he thought of it first. get a life chuck.

DAN rides his totally rad long board all the way to the door of an apartment and casually saunters in the screen door...

i'm really going to miss that dan.

Anonymous said...

Aw shucks, you are all too nice, but all very accurate in your comments. Thank you Jayne for this, you always were my favorite sibling. But i must say good bye to blogspot (probably) for 2 years now.. oh and all of you virtually.

From Dan

ali said...

that's danny? wow he's a handsome young chap!

Nicole said...

Wow! I can't believe that is Danny, believe it or not I remember when he was born. We all thought he was SO cute.

The Andrews said...


Your family is so stinkin' cute!!! I just found your blog off of Heather's. I'm excited to catch up on you guys!

emze said...

I am glad to know that a little boy so obsessed with Beetlejuice can turn out so well. Calvin watches Nightmare Before Christmas on a daily basis and insists that Elmo is not a monster because he has no teeth and is not scary.

I seem to remember Danny eating a bunch of those little glass stones from the game Mancala, and your mom had to count them all as they came out in his diapers to make sure they all made their way through. That is a great memory, thanks Danny.