Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Yes We Did!

I'm so proud of our country. Was I the only one crying? No, my mom most certainly cried. I was so impressed with John McCain's concession speech. And our first African American President--what an amazing thing to witness. I thought he was fantastic.

God bless America.


Lindsey said...

SO AMAZING! I started crying when he won Pennsylvania...I knew he had it then. I cried when McCain spoke because I thought it was a perfect, classy speech. I cried when Obama spoke, and we saw the hundreds of thousands of people gathering to see him (and at the White House). I cried for Obama's darling family and hoped that his little girls would like the White House - and their new puppy! Mostly I cried because I think there are great things in our future as Americans.

YAY OBAMA! (my secret boyfriend)

Arin Rohrbach said...

Yes, I was crying, but for other reasons.

Anonymous said...

I WAS crying Jaynie...but I should have come up to your house to celebrate. That's so cool that Greg got to go hear Obama's speech. I thought McCain did a remarkable job too. It reminded me of the McCain that I liked a few years ago. I admire his determination to support and help the new President. I loved Obama's speech. I think he is great. I hope that people who didn't vote for him will be open to giving him a chance. He is bright, accepting, charismatic, and he wants to do what is good for America and our relationships with the world!
Too bad we don't even have one democrat to represent Utah Valley. Not one. I'm sad that RaDene Hatfield lost...and by a lot. Dang!
Good blogging Jayne.


Anonymous said...

I was crying during Obama's entire speech! I am very hopeful for a better future in America and I really think the right guy is in office. McCain gave a good speech. He was classy and for the first time in a while I think he was genuinely himself, I was proud of him. Obama gave an outstanding speech! Yes we can. Ah, I get the chills just thinking about it. Thanks for blogging Jaynie, you're the best.


Maria Rose said...

I was so happy to have witnessed such an historical event!

Jordan said...

I didn't cry, but I cheered--silently (Craig voted for John).

Mandi said...

I found your blog through the c jane run blog and wow what a great blogger you are! The story of your son Parley was beyond beautiful and brought this fellow Mom to tears. Anyway onto this post. I too cried on this historic night that history was made. Never before had I been moved to tears in an election. But there was an incredible energy surrounding this moment in history we were able to experience with our very own eyes. I am glad I am not the only one who was brought to tears!