Friday, April 10, 2009

TV Time

Jed and I are a funny pair to watch TV with. We don't watch very much, but usually we catch some of the talk shows before bed at night. Undoubtedly one of us, if not both of us, gets stuck trying to figure out who the guest looks like.

"Does he look like someone to you?"
"Yeah, I was just thinking that. Who is it?"
"I don't know, but it's killing me."
"Hmm. Is it a little bit of ________?"
"Maybe. I don't think that's it though."
Finally we'll figure it out. Most of the time we agree, but plenty of times we'll shut each other down. "No way. Absolutely not. That is not it."
Last night Reese Witherspoon was the guest.
"Does she look like someone to you?" I said.
"Yes. I just didn't know if I wanted to figure it out." (poor sport)
"Who is it?" (I think maybe I came up with it. A little bit of my cousin Lindsey and a little bit of Hazel's kindergarten teacher. Both of them have dark hair. I haven't told Jed. He might shut me down.)

Another funny part about watching TV with Jed and me is that we cannot abide poorly made ads.

Jed: Ridiculous.
Jayne: I cannot believe someone actually made that.
Jed: People actually sat in a board room and decided that would be awesome.

Flip channel.
No! Old Navy Mannequins!

Flip channel.
Jed: Unbelievable.
Jayne: Seriously. Someone paid money for that.
Jed: I am so angry.

Flip channel.
Arby's greasy hamburger commercial! Change it!

Jayne: Those are the Good Things Utah ladies.
Jed: (sings) Good things Utah, where the good things are!
J&J: (laughing) they seriously came up with "good things Utah, where the good things are."

Jed: Come on! You can always tell a local commercial.
Jayne: Wait...isn't that you hocking mattresses Jed?

I tell you, you'd have fun with us. Jed is especially great company during America's Funniest Home Videos. I'd invite you to join, but the only TV we have hooked up (with rabbit ears....I know, I know, digital blah blah switch blah blah) is in our bedroom. And I'm trying to enforce the "stay in your own bed" rule. But you could bring a sleeping bag and put it next to the bed.

Want to see the cool Heinz commercial Jed made? Yes or no?


Teachinfourth said...

I would love to see it. Also, Matt Matteson is in the 3rd commercial with Jed. He works at ComedySportz with me...Matt is amazing!

Nicole said...

That sounds very familiar to Dave and I. Although we don't have the background Jed does. By the way, I LOVED the Heinz commercial. Nice job!!

Wells said...

you guys are so hip. we didn't notice our TV had been broken for weeks until it was almost general conference... got it fixed. might turn it on again in october. the kids were watching the ads between sessions and we had to explain what commercials were. i should show them jed's!

Chuck said...

Steph and I have cut our TV watching time in half since we figured out how to record the TV shows on with our DirectTV box (which the up stairs guy pays for by the way)... It really is the only way to go... Then we can fast forward through the Arby's greasy hamburger commercial, the "Since I got in the loop" Comcast commercial, and everything in between...

Anonymous said...

Hey, I've been wondering for years who Mrs. W reminds me of and its Jennifer Aniston. I just figured it out when I saw Marley and Me. She's a very cute teacher.

Anonymous said...

Happy Easter Jaynie, Jed, Hazel, Parley and Julian! I hope you find many many beautiful Easter Eggs!

Love from Ohio! :)

The Despot said...

I totally think that's true! She does look like her! She is a cute cute teacher!

Kim--thanks for the Easter wishes, Happy Easter to you too.

The Despot said...

jayne didn't check to see if she was signed in. she's not the despot, i am.

Anonymous said...

I can attest to the entertainment value of watching Jed watching Funniest Home Videos!! He seriously laughs his head off. Well, not off...but close! Its pretty hard to watch commercials with him though! The Despot IS a good sport about the "doesn't she look like so and so?" game.
Mom Lisa

Lindsey said...

I think it's my Mom that you might think looks like Reese, I'm pretty sure I don't look much like her.

Those commercials make me so happy. I seriously laugh at the guy in the yellow shirt, "me, mo, me me mo"...

Katy said...

I always do the "who do they look like" but I pick out just features (her mouth looks like...), but Ryan usually agrees with me because I'm really good at it.

We're also ad snobs. Sometimes we watch tv for the ads. We'll bring sleeping bags.

c jane said...

the toss up for me is good things utah versus paige davis in rc wiley commercials. both make me want to get a sex change to avoid sharing their gender.

was that too much, jayne?

The Despot said...

Oh my gosh Court. That is so dang funny.

Katy, we can't wait!

Linds, I can see your mom in Reese!

jayniemoon said...

that was NOT the despot.

Anonymous said...

I love the despot's photo!

Sarah Burgoyne said...

I am totally with Jed! I can't tell you how often I see a commercial and think, "wow, not only did someone have to come up with that idea but someone else had to approve it!" ... I also feel that way about some of the clothes I see, who designs some of the stuff out there?