Sunday, September 27, 2009

A Mouth-full

Hazel asked me to promise not to pull her dangly loose tooth out tomorrow. I wouldn't exactly promise. I kind of just told her not to worry about it (is that wrong?). But worry Hazel does, and worry she absolutely will.

"Mommy I know it has to come out, but I just want it to come out when it is looser! Not this loose! Looser!" Hazel said, and as she did, her tongue moved her tooth back and forth in her mouth.

Cry. Scream. Twist and turn all over the floor.

Jed and I exchange knowing looks and rolling eyes. There is something so familiar about this, and yet this is the first of her teeth to be loose. Ahh, but then it comes to me. How could I forget the rainbow pants? And more recently (a little too recently)-- potty training.

The crying continues, and continues and after brushing her teeth (except that one) still continues.

"Hazel, I promise not to pull your tooth out tomorrow. Now please try to stop worrying about it." There, I promised.

Crying and crying. "Mom! What I'm most concerned about is the hurting!" She screams, leaving my ears begging for relief. Crying, crying. Ears throbbing.

"I know dearie, I know." This is give up time. Much better to give up and swear I'll never touch that tooth again than to try to help her feel at ease with it or offer a reward--ANY reward for getting it out. Hazel does things on her own time. Why does it take me so long to remember that every time we battle something new?

And so now we wait. And pray. We pray for the right pear to take that thing out for us. And for 19 other pears to take the others out in their due time.

Post edit: Hazel just lost her tooth. It came out while eating Chef Boyardee (that nasty stuff could make me lose more than teeth). Anyway, we think she swallowed it, and she's really embarrassed that it came out (too much attention). Let's all pretend it never happened. Thank you Chef Boyardee--this almost makes up for all the stains you've left on my kids' church clothes.


Lindsey said...

Sweet Hazel.....I love her so. Is she excited *now* that it's out?? I swallowed my first one too. Bottom, front, right tooth.

Shana said...

Paige wouldn't allow anyone to touch her loose teeth (after that incident with Grandpa Vern which was my fault) so she became an expert at pulling her own. She'd go into the bathroom armed with dental floss and emerge with a pulled tooth. I think she's pulled most of Mitchell's and Serena's teeth. If you need to borrow her next time, you can. But it sounds like the Chef has it handled. Love those intense, sensitive, fretting girls.

western dave said...

it gets better. knowing you guys have a 'worrier' too kinda makes me smile inside. i'm mean like that. reminds me of this little note.

Micah said...

I like your blog the most not because I agree with you on everything (because I don't), not because of your beautiful children (they are precious though, and I would gladly take one of them if you ever find yourself needing to "make some cutbacks" in this economy). No, I like your blog because basically I like your style...shooting finger pistols @ ya right now!

jed said...

@micah, i don't agree with her on everything either.

sheena said...

what is the tooth fairy's rate for a digested tooth these days?

jayniemoon said...

That note is priceless. I've been planning to post the one Hazel wrote and it was so great to read that one from Abby. I've also been bugging Hazel about how yellow and gross this one was--so awesome.

I like your style too--finger pistols rule!

@Shan--I need Paige at BYU!! P.S. What Grandpa Vern incident?

@Linds--I hope this similarity isn't a sign that Hazel has 6 wisdom teeth.

Lindsey said...

Aw, c'mon Jayne! Everybody wants a set of wisdom teeth in their sinuses! It's the coolest!

Mrs. Cropper said...

Oh my gosh, that is so much like my boy, Blaine. Everything has to be his idea and on his timetable. Oh the power struggles we have...

It was so fun to be with you in Provo! Make sure to remember and check Grandma's basement pipes for me ;)