Monday, May 24, 2010


This is what my backyard looks like today: MAY 24.  

It is so terrible and cold out there I had to pull out my white nylons!  

But even though I'm super depressed and angry and wearing (apparently totally uncool) white nylons, I'm going to share a treat with you anyway.  Hazel found my address labels and had a wonderful afternoon using them.  She crossed off my name on each one and added her name along with something special about herself that coordinated with the picture on each label.  You should click on the picture to see it larger.  

 But if you're too lazy, or can't read it anyway, I'll help you out.  

Hazel Wells: American girl

Hazel Wells: very loveable

Hazel Wells: very opeadeant

Hazel Wells: takes good care of pets

Hazel Wells: a good student and sister

Hazel Wells: a star at making friends

Hazel Wells: good at making stamps and letters.

You're welcome for making your day brighter.  Oh, and one more thing:

what could be uncool about these?


emily k. smith said...

Jayne, you are officially banned from playgroup for your uncool white nylons. However, Hazel is so dang cool and very loveable and opeadeant that she is the V.I.P. so you may bring her and stand off to the side.

Kim said...
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Kim said...

Emily, that's funny!

Jayne, Jayne, Jayne. I nearly chocked on my lunch while gazing at your beautiful but fresh out of 1996 white nylon covered legs. Let them breathe! Give them some lotion, a fresh shave and let them show their true self!

One question, is this the Utah form of winter camouflage?

ali said...

absolutely NOTHING is uncool about those white nylons. Its the brown hair coming through that may be a problem.

Carolyne said...

For economic mascara, I go with Cover-Girl. The water proof kind, so it won't drip down my face when I sneeze or something and my eyes water.

How about Mrs Piggle Wiggle books? I loved those!!! And, there's always the Carolyn Haywood books. They both have adorable stories, not to mention adorable pictures!!! Carolyn Haywood's Betsy Little Star is by far, my favorite of hers. I read from them when I was a kid, and loved them.

P.S. You are too funny!!!

Leah said...

only you could pull off the white nylons Jayne. Well, maybe you and a few toddlers ;). Norma is the best isn't she? I love those Metz's

criticalcrass said...

i got no problem with your white nylons. if they make you happy, i say wear'm every day! :]

criticalcrass said...

oh! and it's freaking hot down here in texas. i was melting by eleven a.m.

and you've got snow in your backyard???

that is so wrong.

Lindsey said...

"And I do not believe such thing as snow!"

(Name that movie....)

Zach and Codi said...

This comment is actually for Emily because I have decided I'm not speaking to you for a certain length of time(yet to be determined) for your heinous crime against fashion.
Thank you for laying the law down with Jayne. I believe it's the only way she will truly learn. I know it may be hard, after all... she has those innocent little doe eyes, but please stay strong. It's really for her own good. Also, thank you for not punishing adorable Hazel for her mother's offense.
Keep me posted on her progress.

Kelly said...

My EYES are sore looking at those opaque white nylons.

jayniemoon said...

ha ha ha! You guys love those nylons on me! I'm bringing them back!

Linds, the quote is killing me! I can't think of it!

Jen said...

I love that hazel knows who she is and is self-confident. She would wear white nylons proudly. Jayne- dont let these nasty nylon comments bring you down.

Hawke said...

Fun! I am glad Hazel has such wonderful self-confidence!

I just got back from Boston. It made a huge difference what day we left and came back on. Wednesday to Wednesday was a lot cheaper than leaving Sunday for example. I left Wednesday and came home Sunday. The day of the week made a $450 difference under some scenarios. We flew Delta.

Thanks for making me laugh!!

--Heather Cook

lori said...

Jayne, you are hilarious! I've got to get your blog on my Reader so I remember to check more often!

Looking forward to our visit! (Did we decide on your place again? I'll look for you at preschool today!)

Anonymous said...

i'm scared.

Anonymous said...

The quote comes from the movie The King and I

elizabeth said...

I thought of more books
Ballet Slippers by Noel Streatfeild

The Betsy-Tacy books by Maude Hart Lovelace

Beverly Clearly Books (I loved Ramona Quimby)

Pippi Longstocking

No Flying in the House by Betty Brock

The Wind in the Willows

The Borrowers

E.B. White Books

Anonymous said...

Hazel is a hoot. Thanks for sharing.

Henderson, NV